"And I will give you shepherds after my own heart.."


Apostle Jonathan L. Swain was born the last of five children into a family deeply rooted in Christianity and love, a family that believed in putting God first. As a child, they were taught that love can and will conquer all. This is where the seed was sown into his life that would become the cornerstone of his Ministry. As a youth, he was raised under two generations of family members at the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, under the late Reverend Matthew Thomas. Here, he served faithfully in many capacities until God moved him on and sent him to Progressive Christian Fellowship.

The Lord clearly spoke to Pastor Swain in December 1999 and gave him a vision of him being re-baptized and that change was coming. He was soon baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit in April 2000 while under the leadership of the late Apostle Brian James Graham, Founder and Overseer of Progressive Christian Fellowship Church in Chicago/Country Club Hills, Illinois to whom he was a faithful armor- bearer and friend.

Pastor Swain preached his first sermon entitled “Strength in the Struggle” in August 2000. Believing that even in the midst of your struggle, God will give you strength to be an overcomer.    He was subsequently ordained Minister in October 2001; Elder in March 2002 and Associate Pastor in July 2002, where he served under the leadership of Pastor Saundra D. Williams until 2003. 

In 2003, the Lord again spoke to Pastor Swain from His Word in Jeremiah 31:3 that has become the theme verse for the ministry “…With loving-kindness have I drawn thee” and thus, the vision that has now become JLS Ministries and God’s True Love Outreach Ministries.

In February, 2005 he was ordained an Apostle by Archbishop David A. Jones under The Mountaintop International Fellowship of Churches in Tampa, Florida.  Knowing that the responsibilities of an Apostle are to plant and build, God began to give vision for the fellowship of churches.

In April of 2008, Apostle Swain founded the God’s True Love Fellowship of Churches. This fellowship has become the umbrella for ministries in the Chicago-land area. In June, 2009 Apostle Swain became a part of the Kingdom Authority Fellowship of Pastors, under the auspices of Apostle Donald L. Aflord.  

On June 30, 20012, Apostle Swain wed the woman that God ordained for him in the personage Stella Windom. In his own words he found "his joy, his love and his all."


Apostle Swain is a husband, a father and grandfather, a pastor, a man with an indomitable spirit, a man with a keen understanding of the Word of God and a great passion for the people of God.  He is clear on his mission and has been steadfast in his quest to stay on the wall in that regard.  As a healthcare professional, the Lord has given him a mandate to not only win souls for Christ, but to also equip all with the power to be healed in the mind, body and Spirit.